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  • July 22, 2024

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    The VX range of liquid crystal TFT monitors provides as standard all of the features essential for viewing a wide variety of picture formats. The monitors, which range from 15 inch to 40 inch diagonal share a common electronics processing system and are all high resolution, high brightness, wide-angle types and are ideally suited to the demanding broadcast environment. Advanced digital image processing technology provides direct conversion from any of the input formats to the screen resolution without passing through any intermediate analogue states, thereby providing the highest possible picture quality without the artefacts associated with analogue video or simplistic scaling methods.

    All standard definition types support composite, Y/C, analogue component, SDI, DVI and extended VGA inputs while the HDTV versions additionally accept HD-SCI. A re-formatted SDI output from the standard definition types provides an output converted from any of the television inputs, optionally cropped and bordered.

    In addition to comprehensive picture controls the displays are equipped with on-screen-embedded audio presence indicators, stereo audio line outputs, loudspeaker outputs, safe area indication and adjustable audio delay of up to four seconds.

    Options include scaled audio level meters, VITC display, industry standard safe area generators and integral video wall scaling and positioning.

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