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MORPHEUS FROM PRO-BEL Next Generation Automation

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  • July 22, 2024

    by -- BSE

    The television industry is facing a change I how viewers are engaged. With the advent of interactive and PVR services we are seeing the emergence of new challenges for the broadcaster. With interaction, the broadcast schedule is no longer a simple linear list of programs, even the simplest interaction makes the viewing experience non-linear. The editing world experienced a major revolution moving from linear editing systems to non-linear operations and we now face a similar transition in playout automation.
    While retaining some basic conventions, non-linear editing systems introduced many new ways of working. This was not a simple evolution of conventional editing systems, and similarly we cannot expect that the demanding requirements of this new broadcast world will be met with a few enhancements to traditional playout systems.

    With Morpheus Pro-Bel has taken automated playout back to the drawing board and designed an architecture that will support non-linear playout of not only conventional content, but a wide range of multi-media and data based content. Morpheus introduces new concepts in user interfaces and a scalable object oriented event structure.

    At the core of Morpheus is the Media Ball concept, this allows complex sequences of events to be packaged in a way that provides simple presentation to an operator and easy manipulation within a schedule. The Media Ball also facilitates the introduction of enchanced content to operations where the business and traffic systems may not natively support the new types of content or programming.

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