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  • July 12, 2024

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    With the opening of its new broadcast HQ in the South Korean capital of Seoul, SBS have once again turned to Studer to help provide the country’s first all-digital broadcast complex.

    One of three major national South Korean television networks, Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), has equipped with further D950 and Vista 7 consoles from Studer’s exclusive distributor, DYC Dong Yang Trading Co, who also handled the technical back-up. In total SBS have installed nine D950M2 and five Vista 7 studio consoles.

    The latest installation has taken place in the broadcasters’ new luxurious 27-storey facility with IBS (Intelligent Building System), where 2,300 staff are employed. With a goal to provide HDTV facilities and two further studios for TV and radio production within an all-digital infrastructure, this is one of Studer’s largest installation sites worldwide.

    SBS set out to deliver the best possible sound — from production through to transmission — via digital technology. They chose Studer digital consoles for their excellent sound quality and VSP functionality, knowing them to be among the most reliable and flexible in the world.

    The new building provides 126 broadcasting facilities and news automation systems, with all control rooms designed for surround sound, as well as HDTV production.

    SBS has thus become the first all-digital broadcaster with full HDTV production facilities in Korea, transmitting in all digital format for the first time through the Studer D950M2 mixing console system — located in studio TS-7 — in March this year.

    The TS7 main TV production room also contains a second Studer D950M2 (for sound effects). The other studios powered by Studer mixing consoles are TS-3 Main TV Relay Sports Room (two D950M2’s, for main mix and submix); TS-4 News Center (two D950M2’s, for main mix and submix); SBS Film Dubbing 1 (Vista 7); SBS Film Dubbing 2 (two Vista 7’s), and SBS Effects Room (Vista 7).

    Ian Staddon, Head of Sales for Studer, comments, “Projects of such magnitude and prestige do not happen often, and as such become highly competitive. This was no exception. Fortunately SBS were looking to build the very best ‘state of the art’ all-digital complex, and purchasing the right products for the application took priority over price considerations.

    “As a result, all the ‘mission critical’ applications ended up with Studer consoles being installed. The D950M2 was chosen for all live TV broadcast studios — News, Sport and Drama. The console’s flexibility and ultimate configurability, along with its proven reliability, made it ideal for the application.

    “The Vista 7's were chosen for the film dubbing and effects rooms primarily due to the ease of use and clarity of the ‘Vistonics’ user interface incorporated into the control surface.

    “The other key to a successful integration was the professional support — both technical and sales-related — provided by DYC. This was a major factor in providing the right overall package — one that was good enough to convince such a discerning and knowledgeable broadcaster as SBS to invest in Studer."

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