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Leitch's Routers Provide Remote Management Flexibility to Intelsat's Worldwide Video Network

July 8, 2022

by -- Leitch Technology Corporation

Leitch Technology Corporation (TSX:LTV) announced
that by supplying its leading routing matrix, Integrator GOLD(tm), to
leading communications provider Intelsat, it has maximized the ability
Intelsat to remotely manage the configuration of its worldwide video
Integrator GOLD has been procured and integrated into Intelsat's
video network by TANDBERG Television and is being used to interconnect
large suite of video equipment in Intelsat's North American and European
PoPs and Teleports. Intelsat's network utilizes Leitch's Integrator GOLD
128x128 digital multi-rate router, combining SDI and ASI routing
capabilities and including HD cards for HD traffic and monitoring.
Integrator GOLD is an extension of the powerful and popular Leitch
Integrator(tm) series of routing switchers. It is available in
standard-definition digital and wideband digital multi-rate formats and
route any and all digital video signals from 30Mb/s to HDTV at
Integrator GOLD is expandable from 8x8 to 128x128 in a single 8RU
and provides all of the performance of Leitch's leading Integrator
including Ethernet/IP, RS-232/422 and X/Y Coaxial control as standard.
Integrator GOLD is expandable beyond 128x128 using Leitch's Blue3
routing topology. Additionally, Leitch supplied a number of small,
Panacea(tm) routers to Intelsat.
Brian Henderson, programme manager for video in Intelsat's Network
Infrastructure Implementation unit, said: "In coordination with our
network system integrator, we chose Leitch because we know that the
has a proven record of success in the video switching arena, and its
products successfully met our criteria. We were looking for a quality,
low-maintenance product that could provide adequate remote management
control capabilities."
Dave Dougall, managing director, Leitch Europe, said: "Leitch's products
continue to be recognized worldwide for their reliability and cost
effectiveness. Our router series allows us to cater to all broadcasters'
needs from a small routing network through to a large worldwide
installation. We are delighted that Intelsat has chosen Leitch to carry
the essential roll of connecting its worldwide video networks."

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