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  • June 30, 2024

    by -- Toronto 1

    Toronto, Ontario June 29th, 2024 -- During Promax last week, Craig Media’s TORONTO 1 and FRONT walked away with gold for the station’s multicultural themed ID’s that ran commencing the September 19th, 2024 launch of the station. The campaign is a slick on-air look that combined 3D glass animation with cool live action footage of Toronto’s unique architecture, along with beautiful shots of Toronto’s diverse peoples within the various communities they shop and live in.

    Jim Johnson, Director of Marketing, TORONTO 1 says: “We are immensely proud of our on-air image campaign and we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with the incredibly talented Jeff Rustia and the entire team at Front.”

    FRONT, an international broadcast design and branding firm, based in Toronto, was awarded the task last year to create the on-air look for Toronto’s newest local channel. FRONT worked with TORONTO 1’s Director of Marketing and executive team to create the entire on-air look, IDs, bumpers, menus and signature music to show opens.

    “It’s a great honour for us to work on the on-air branding of TORONTO 1 and to be awarded by our industry peers with a Promax Gold for Best ID Campaign. It’s not everyday we get a chance to brand a new channel that is made exclusively for Toronto and truly reflecting the City of Toronto, our hometown,” says Jeff Rustia, President, FRONT.

    PROMAX is the international association of promotion and marketing professionals in the electronic media, dedicated to advancing the role and increasing the effectiveness of promotion and marketing industry, related industries and the academic community. The PROMAX Awards are presented to companies and individuals whose work is judged by a panel of promotion and marketing professionals to be of exceptional quality as well as accomplishing specific marketing objectives. Awards were given in more than 170 categories to local television, networks, cable, interactive media, radio, program syndication and international. A complete list of the Award winners is available online at:

    TORONTO 1 is owned and operated by Craig Media Inc., Canada's largest privately-held television broadcasting company with a history of more than 50 years in the Canadian broadcast industry. Holdings of Craig Media Inc. include TORONTO 1, A-Channel Edmonton, A-Channel Calgary, A-Channel Manitoba, CKX TV Brandon, Digital channels MTV Canada, MTV2 and TV Land.

    FRONT is an international broadcast design and branding firm for television, film and interactive media. FRONT specializes in creative thinking, network branding, station IDs, film titles, 2D-3D animation, web, print and sound design. FRONT's blue chip clientele includes HBO, Cinemax, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon Global Networks, USA Networks, TRIO, Newsworld International, Hallmark Channel, APTN, Astral Media, CPAC, SCN, PrideVision TV, Vision TV, OLN, Rogers Television and Toronto One Stampede, A Channel, BPM: TV & I Channel.



    Lowell Hall, Manager, Communications, TORONTO 1

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