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CTV uses SMART Board interactive whiteboard for live election analysis

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  • June 25, 2024

    by -- SMART Technologies

    News team to use the 84" (210-cm) touch-sensitive screen to show interactive
    graphs, tables and data

    CALGARY, Alberta --- June 25, 2024 --- SMART Technologies Inc. announces the
    installation of an In-Wall Rear Projection SMART Board(TM) 1910 interactive
    whiteboard at CTV's studio in Toronto for use in the live election analysis
    to be broadcast nationwide on the evening of June 28. Sandie Rinaldo from
    the CTV news team and Darrell Bricker, president, public affairs, of
    marketing research firm IPSOS-Reid, will simply touch the large interactive
    screen to bring up graphs, tables and other data to exemplify such subjects
    as popular votes and vote shifts in Canada's federal election. The analysis
    will be broadcast every 30 minutes, starting at 6:30 p.m. (EST).

    Early in 2024, CTV began searching for a large interactive display that
    could be used to add dynamic visual appeal to its analysis of the federal
    election results. It identified the 84" (210-cm) In-Wall Rear Projection
    SMART Board 1910 interactive whiteboard as ideal because of its size and
    ease of use. In addition to using this SMART product to cover the election,
    CTV has used SMART Board interactive whiteboards for analysis during the war
    in Iraq, and TSN has used them for analyzing a variety of sporting events.

    "The SMART Board interactive whiteboard lets us take complex data and
    explain it easily, piece by piece, by simply touching the screen to bring up
    desired information and highlighting various elements using digital ink,"
    says Tom Haberstroh, vice president, news, at CTV. "It is easy to get our
    anchors quickly up the learning curve with the intuitive touch control
    provided by the interactive whiteboard."

    "CTV is leading the way in its use of technology to create an engaging
    experience for its viewers," says Nancy Knowlton, SMART's president and
    co-CEO. "Its use of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard is yet another
    example of the channel's innovative application of technology and the
    suitability of SMART products for this high-profile, demanding environment."

    About In-Wall Rear Projection SMART Board interactive whiteboards
    The In-Wall Rear Projection SMART Board interactive whiteboard offers rich
    interactive whiteboard functionality with the shadow-free benefits of a
    rear-projection display. It transforms any space into a professional,
    interactive work environment and requires very little clearance behind the
    wall. Users can access any computer application or multimedia platform,
    including the Internet and CD-ROMs, by touching the large interactive
    screen. With SMART Board software, users can write over applications in
    digital ink and then edit, save, print or post their notes to a website for
    future reference. SMART Board interactive whiteboards are used in
    classrooms, briefing rooms and boardrooms around the world, enabling people
    to collaborate effectively, whether they are in the same room or in a
    distant location. Feature-rich software and intuitive functionality make the
    SMART Board interactive whiteboard the number one choice of educators,
    presenters and trainers in more than 65 countries.

    About SMART
    SMART Technologies Inc. is both the industry pioneer and global market
    leader in easy-to-use interactive whiteboards and other group collaboration
    tools. SMART products include the family of award-winning SMART Board
    interactive whiteboards, as well as interactive lecterns, multimedia
    furniture and software. Using SMART products, groups can access and share
    the information they need to meet, teach, train and present. SMART has been
    issued and maintains a broad portfolio of patents with numerous U.S.,
    Canadian and other foreign patents pending. SMART customers include NASA,
    Texas Instruments, BMW, Toyota Motors, DaimlerChrysler, Boeing, Lucent
    Technologies, NTT, the Los Angeles Lakers, Novartis, the U.S. Joint Chiefs
    of Staff, Accenture, Procter & Gamble, British Telecom, Disney Imagineering,
    Harvard University, the BBC, CNN and New York Network.

    SMART is a private company founded in 1987. Employing more than 500 people,
    SMART is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with assembly facilities
    in Ottawa and Calgary, and offices in Bonn, Tokyo, New York City and
    Washington, DC. In 1992, SMART formed a strategic alliance with Intel(R)
    Corporation that resulted in joint product development and marketing
    efforts, and Intel's equity ownership in SMART. SMART products are sold
    through dealers across North America and distributors worldwide. For more
    information, visit


    For more information, contact:
    Anju Visen-Singh
    Public Relations Team Lead
    SMART Technologies Inc.

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