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Fox Broadcasting Makes Major Purchase of Leitch's NEO LogoMotion II HD Branding Systems

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  • June 17, 2024

    by -- Leitch Technology Corporation

    Leitch Technology Corporation (TSX:LTV) today announced that Fox
    Broadcasting Company has purchased 26 of Leitch's NEO LogoMotion II
    high-definition content branding systems.
    Based on the NEO modular platform, LogoMotion II is the latest generation in
    Leitch's successful branding products, adding advanced capabilities for
    today's digital master control, production and mobile environments. Leitch's
    LogoMotion II(tm) is a comprehensive content branding solution that keys up
    to four independent layers (static, animated, clocks) in SDI and two layers
    in HD, all with independent size, position and transparency control.
    LogoMotion II also offers full audio support and Ethernet connectivity and
    performs exceptionally well in automated and manual operations.
    "The LogoMotion II gives Fox compatibility with our installed base of older
    LogoMotion systems, while providing a powerful HD and SD solution with the
    advanced features needed by Fox's promotion department today," said Hal
    Reynolds, Fox VP, broadcast engineering. "The ability to directly capture
    audio and video media was a deciding factor in our selection."
    "We are very pleased that Fox Broadcasting has chosen Leitch's LogoMotion II
    HD branding solution," said Tim Thorsteinson, Leitch president and chief
    executive officer. "Using true broadcast hardware in the flexible NEO frame
    and providing unparalleled manual control with its advanced remote control
    panel, LogoMotion II has the versatility to address today's branding needs."
    About Fox Broadcasting Company:
    FOX Broadcasting Company (FOX) is a division of Fox Entertainment Group,
    FOX delivers a high concentration of Adult 18-49 viewers while dominating
    all network competition in the more targeted Adults 18-34 and Teen
    demographics. FOX airs 15 hours of primetime programming a week as well as
    late night entertainment programming, major sports and Sunday morning news.

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