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Leitch NEXIO(tm) Server System to Provide Worldwide Transmission for Golf Channel

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  • June 17, 2024

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    Leitch Technology Corporation (TSX:LTV) today announced that The
    Golf Channel, based in Orlando, Florida, has purchased Leitch's NEXIO(tm)
    transmission server system to provide 16 channels of feeds to affiliates
    across the United States, Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom. A modular,
    scalable and highly cost-effective server system, NEXIO runs the patented
    and Emmy® award-winning RAIDSoft(tm) system that allows all channels and
    network ports to simultaneously access content without restriction.
    "Installing the NEXIO server will offer us plenty of bandwidth to play out
    and ingest many simultaneous feeds," said Erv Vanags, director of
    engineering at The Golf Channel. "We chose the NEXIO server system because
    it offers the flexibility to upgrade and add mirrored storage to protect
    assets, as well as add other channels for back-up purposes at our teleport."

    Vanags continued, "Another key factor in our decision to install the NEXIO
    server system was its ability to record IMX video, as our entire facility is
    based on the IMX50 video standard. And having already had great success
    with Leitch's VR300 server line, we are confident that the NEXIO platform
    will more than meet our requirements."
    NEXIO supports multiple compression formats in both standard and high
    definition, industry-standard control protocols, third-party file formats
    and ASI interface, providing broadcasters with the flexibility they need to
    meet any future requirements. As an operation grows, NEXIO's modular and
    scalable design allows users to build systems - up to 12 terabyte in a
    single domain - in small, low-cost increments.
    "With its exceptional scalability, fault-tolerance and interoperability,
    NEXIO was designed with the challenging and changing needs of global
    broadcasters in mind," said Tim Thorsteinson, president and CEO at Leitch.
    "We are confident that NEXIO will enable The Golf Channel to reliably and
    efficiently serve their worldwide audience."

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