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Leitch Installs First NEXIO(TM) Server System in China

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  • June 17, 2024

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    Leitch Technology Corporation (TSX:LTV) today
    announced Qinghai TV (QHTV) has chosen a fully integrated Leitch system
    comprising transmission, processing, distribution, branding and control
    products for use in master control and playout applications in the
    broadcaster's new facilities in Xining, China. The sale represents the first
    installation of Leitch's new NEXIO(TM) server platform in China, as well as
    the first sale in Asia of the company's NEO VR(TM) modular digital video
    "We chose Leitch's NEXIO video server because the system's flexible,
    scalable architecture will allow us to easily add channels, change formats and
    reconfigure applications as our business evolves," said Bai Zianyong, deputy
    director at Qinghai TV. "And with CCS Navigator(TM) providing control and
    monitoring of the entire system, we will be able to streamline our workflow
    and dramatically improve productivity."
    Qinghai's new system includes the modular, scalable NEXIO transmission
    server and dual SAN infrastructure, as well as Leitch's NEO VR, the television
    industry's first full-featured digital video recorder packaged on a single
    module. The company's Integrator Gold(TM) wideband digital multi-rate routing
    system and Panacea(TM) Clean Switch router, unique in the industry for
    offering two clean video outputs, will handle signal distribution. Providing
    all system peripherals is Leitch's 6800+ modular infrastructure platform,
    which features support of new standards including HD, IP-based control
    capabilities, and a completely redesigned line of distribution amplifiers and
    fiber optic conversion modules. LogoMotion II(TM), a comprehensive content
    branding solution that keys up to four independent layers (static, animated,
    clocks) in SDI and two layers in HD, will be used for branding, and Leitch's
    CCS Navigator software application will provide control and monitoring for the
    entire system.
    "This sale represents a significant turning point for Leitch in the Asian
    market," said Stephen Wong, vice president Asia Pacific operations, Leitch
    Asia, Ltd. "We are confident that as Qinghai begins to realize the benefits of
    the NEXIO server system and NEO VR digital video recorder, this first
    installation will quickly lead to further traction across the region."

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