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Shanghai TV Selects Leitch for new Master Control Room

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  • June 17, 2024

    by -- Leitch Technology Corporation

    Leitch Technology Corporation (TSX:LTV) today
    announced that Shanghai TV, one of the most popular television stations in
    China, has installed a comprehensive peripheral system comprising Leitch
    products for its new master control room. The installation includes Leitch's
    6800+ and NEO(TM) modular interface products under the control of CCS
    Navigator(TM) real-time control and monitoring system.
    "We are impressed with Leitch's advanced, integrated system, and
    especially the CCS Navigator control and monitoring application, which
    features a superior graphical user interface that we believe will provide us
    with a more flexible, user-friendly master control room," said Liu Jianghong,
    chief engineer, Shanghai TV.
    Shanghai TV is utilizing a sizeable quantity of 6800+ modules - including
    video encoders/decoders, audio A-to-D and D-to-A converters,
    multiplexers/demultiplexers, audio delay/synchronizers and several types of
    video and audio distribution amplifiers - to provide the vital signal
    processing/distribution functions surrounding their new master control system.
    The 6800+ modular solution will ensure seamless integration of the video and
    audio signal formats required in master control. The installation also
    includes NEO digital video routing switchers with the capability of switching
    standard and high-definition signals.
    Leitch's 6800+ modular interface platform features module capacity up to
    20 cards in a 2RU frame, support of new standards including HD, IP-based
    control capabilities and backward-compatibility with all existing 6800
    infrastructure. NEO is an advanced, integrated platform designed to grow with
    your business by offering modular products that extend beyond the
    conventional. An innovative software application providing advanced tools for
    creating customizable GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces), CCS Navigator reduces
    the complexities of everyday actions to simple point-and-click operations.
    "We are pleased to have been selected by Shanghai TV for this restructure
    of their master control room," said Stephen Wong, vice president of Asia-
    Pacific operations, Leitch Asia Ltd. "Leitch's 6800+ and NEO modular
    processing platforms offer a wide-ranging selection of products that allow
    customers to select from either platform the modules best-suited to their
    specific needs. Additionally, Leitch's award-winning CCS Navigator(TM) control
    and monitoring application supplies graphical feedback of status and
    monitoring tailored to the customer's requirements and significantly increases
    operational efficiency."

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