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Sony Video Network Stations ease upgrade to IP-network monitoring

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  • June 9, 2024

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    Sony of Canada Ltd., Canada's leading electronic
    and computer products solutions provider for consumers and business, today
    enhanced its line of professional network cameras with the introduction of the
    SNT-V501/V504 Series Video Network Stations.

    The stations are designed to enable analog robotic video cameras to be
    remotely monitored and controlled over IP (Internet Protocol)-networks without
    disrupting existing infrastructure.

    The SNT-V501/V504 Series allows existing analog camera installations to
    be converted to IP-based monitoring systems. The Video Network Station encodes
    analog video signals into the digital domain and translates command codes to
    cameras. The built-in web server allows a personal computer running a standard
    web browser to monitor images and control cameras without the need for
    additional software or plug-ins.

    "The arrival of the SNT-V501/V504 Series makes the transition to network
    monitoring a simple step for those with analog systems," said Carlos Varela,
    Product Manager, Surveillance Products, Broadcast & Communication Solutions
    Group, Sony of Canada Ltd. "Before, making such a move was more of a migration
    than a simple upgrade. This builds on what's in place, enhances functionality,
    and extends return of investment on existing equipment."

    Up to 50 users can have simultaneous access to monitor high quality
    640 X 480 pixels resolution VGA (video graphics array) images at up to 30
    frames per second. Since the digital interface operates alongside an analog
    pass-through, the IP-network system can be added without interrupting the
    operation of the analog setup. The SNT-V501 has a single analog composite
    video input, and the SNT-V504 can accept up to four analog composite video

    The SNT-V501/V504 Series is equipped with a built-in activity-detection
    function, which can be set to respond to user-defined alarm events. An
    additional alarm-input port can be connected to an external sensor to trigger
    the unit. Through a built-in 8-MB buffer, or by utilizing a Memory Stick(R)
    media via the PCMCIA slot, the user can store hundreds of pre-alarm and
    post-alarm still images whenever an alarm event triggers the
    activity-detection function, the alarm-input port, or both. Upon alarm
    initiation, the SNT-V501/SNT-V504's FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client
    function can upload 'alarm' images to an FTP server.

    The SNT-V501/V504 Series Video Network Stations include an industry-
    standard PCMCIA Type II slot to increase memory or to add wireless
    capabilities with an IEEE 802.11b-compliant wireless PC card. A wide
    assortment of flash memory, including ATA hard disk drives and IC recording
    media such as Memory Stick(R) media can be used. An RS-232C/485 serial
    interface allows remote operation of the Pan/Tilt/Zoom and camera settings of
    Sony EVI-D100/EVI-D70 cameras, as well as operation of the Sony SSC-DC590
    Series. A transparency function is also available so external equipment can be
    connected, monitored and controlled.

    The Sony SNT-V501 Video Network Station will be available by the end of
    June. The SNT-V504 will be available in August.

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