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Sony introduces all-in-one MPEG-4 network camera

June 9, 2022

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Sony of Canada Ltd., Canada's leading electronic
and computer products solutions provider for consumers and business, today
introduced the first in its line of network cameras to offer MPEG-4 video
compression in addition to JPEG to provide video and audio capabilities over
limited bandwidth.

The new SNC-P1 model is a network camera that incorporates a wide-angle,
mono-focal lens and a built-in microphone with an embedded web server. The
camera is capable of up to 640 X 480 pixels resolution, and up to 30 frames
per second can be achieved on either JPEG or MPEG4, at 320 X 240 pixels
resolution. The use of the MPEG-4 compression format is well suited for the
public Internet or other limited bandwidth environments.

"Incorporating MPEG-4 capabilities in the SNC-P1 is a major advance in
our network camera line that easily integrates into an organization's existing
broadband network," said Carlos Varela, Product Manager, Surveillance
Products, Broadcast & Communication Solutions Group, Sony of Canada Ltd. "This
camera taps the power of IP connectivity to deliver a full A/V experience
remotely, and answers the increased need for converged audio and video in

The camera is designed to perform in a wide range of remote monitoring
applications and features a fast F2.0 lens with 3.8mm focal length providing a
53.4 X 40 degree field of view. The electronic shutter operates in auto,
shutter priority and manual modes with a speed range of 1 - 1/10,000th second.
White balance is automatic or offers several presets plus a manual setting.
The optics are paired with a 1/4-inch progressive scan CCD with 330,000
pixels. An analog video output is achieved through a mini-jack connector.

Audio capabilities for the unit conform to the G.711 (64Kbps) and G.726
(40, 32, 24, 16Kbps) standards. Audio capture is through an integrated
electret condenser microphone, or via an external microphone connected to a
mini-jack microphone input. Using the camera with external wired or wireless
microphones extends its flexibility to meet the needs of custom installations.
Connecting an active speaker to the built-in active speaker, enables the user
to communicate with the camera site.

The SNC-P1's embedded web server connects through an industry-standard
RJ45 Ethernet port and supports numerous networking protocols, including
TCP/IP, ARP, ICMP, DNS, NTP, HTTP, DHCP, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), SNMP
(Simple Network Management Protocol), and SMTP (Simple Messaging Transport
Protocol). Designed for both unicast and multicast environments, the new
network camera operates effectively in a wide range of applications from
distance learning and training to security.

The SNC-P1 model is planned to be available in August.

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