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AZCAR Awarded $6 Million Contract for Peninsula Production Company’s new Washington News facility.

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  • May 25, 2024

    by -- Azcar Technologies INc.

    Stephen Pumple, President & CEO, AZCAR Technologies Incorporated, is pleased to announce that AZCAR has been awarded a turnkey contract for the television systems design and installation of a large new production facility for Peninsula Production Company in Washington, DC.

    “Our engineering committee closely evaluated several leading System Integration companies and concluded that AZCAR provided the most comprehensive solution for building our new facility in time for the US Presidential Elections in the Fall” said Charles Bellman, Peninsula’s Chief Engineer in Washington, DC. “AZCAR’s close attention to the unique details of our requirements provided us with the confidence we were seeking from our selected integration company.”

    “The AZCAR team is delighted to have been selected to build this important and time sensitive project, for Peninsula Production Company. We welcome the opportunity to work with this very important customer in the worldwide news industry, and are especially pleased to begin this new relationship with a project in one of the world’s most important international news markets today, Washington DC” said Stephen Pumple.

    "This leading edge project leverages AZCAR’s core engineering and project management capabilities for delivering innovative technical solutions for the very competitive international news business. AZCAR has been servicing the world’s leading broadcast news organizations for more than thirty years and we are extremely happy to have been chosen by Peninsula for this exciting project,” added John Luff, AZCAR Senior VP Business Development. Peninsula’s new facility includes control and translation rooms, non-linear news editing, a full newsroom automation system, archive, and media asset management components, all supplied by AZCAR.

    AZCAR is an independent technology integration company providing the broadcast and communications industries with innovative, value-driven designs through consulting engineering, systems design, systems integration, project management, hardware and related products. The professional services provided by AZCAR utilize improved processes and analysis to deliver "best in class" solutions. The stock trades on The Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol: AZZ.

    Jim O’Neill, Chief Financial Officer (905) 470-2545 ext. 244 email:
    John Luff, Sr. V/P Business Development 724-873-0800 ext 201 email:

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