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Soundtracs AT THE CBC

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  • May 11, 2024

    by -- HHB Communications

    Soundtracs is pleased to announce a growing number of installations with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). The first installation to go into operation was in St John’s Newfoundland.

    Terry Winsor from St John’s comments: “The DS-00 is our new console for CBC Radio in St. John's Newfoundland. Our installation is a 49 fader version of the console with an on board FX kit. The console has five touch screens, making it very intuitive, and allowing our transition from analogue to digital to be seamless. The DS-00 will be used for music and drama production as well as post-production for television.”

    Dave Dysart from HHB Communications Canada, Soundtracs Canadian distributor, adds: “HHB has a long-standing relationship with the CBC and we are always pleased to supply new technologies to meet their growing demands.”

    The CBC has also recently completed their first drama project on a similar console installed in their new Edmonton facility.
    Dave Dysart at HHB Communications Canada Limited
    Tel: 416-867-9000

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