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LARCAN ‘8VSB Regen Transcoder’ Wins “STAR” Award

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  • May 5, 2024

    by -- LARCAN

    “LARCAN’s 8VSB Transcoder fulfills the demand for an innovative, high performance, reliable and cost-effective product that delivers a superior digital signal.” - David Hale, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Low Power

    Las Vegas, Nevada – LARCAN’s innovative ‘8VSB Regen Transcoder’ is the recipient of the 2024 STAR (Superior Technology Award Recipient) Award given by the editorial staff of TV Technology magazine at the NAB2004 convention.

    The STAR Award (Superior Technology Award Recipient) is designed to celebrate and showcase the preeminent technological innovations available to the broadcast industry. A panel of judges consisting of TV Technology editors and columnists reviewed a variety of products, examined the technical applications and their overall contribution to the industry, and then submitted their award nominees.

    “Our panel of editors walked the show floor in search of innovative and ground-breaking new products,” said Tom Butts, Editor of TV Technology. “The products we selected made the cut — they demonstrated their ability to help advance the acquisition and dissemination of audio and video in the professional video marketplace.”

    Presented in recognition of its superior technological achievement – LARCAN’s 8VSB Regen Transcoder is a complete solution built for digital translator networks. “The evolution of the product and its design by Zenith is a combined effort and was the direct result of the innovative field work of R. Kent Parsons in conjunction with direct field support from Zenith,” notes David Hale, V.P. Sales – Low Power, adding “Kent Parson’s work included working with the FCC to obtain temporary authorization to run the many tests.” The resulting design of the 8VSB transcoder unit allowed both LARCAN and Zenith to follow the same solid design philosophy that has contributed to their success in the past. In development with Zenith, the 8VSB transcoder is the product of engineering at its best.

    The market need was to provide 8VSB translator technology which would extend digital coverage to all of rural America; the goal was “to design a very reliable, affordable and easy to use product”, explains David Hale. The success was a combination of the field test work by Kent Parsons, Zenith technology & design and LARCAN working as a tripartite team, which made it happen.

    The reaction from LARCAN & Zenith’s engineering bests about the Star Award recognition –“proud that a product designed for a low-power marketplace could draw such technical attention and merit at NAB, a show primarily focused to the high power/full power broadcast marketplace.”

    With over 1300 exhibitors and thousands of new products showcased at NAB each year, LARCAN’s 8VSB transcoder is proving to be recognized in a class of its own.

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    David Hale, V.P. Sales & Marketing – Low Power

    Phone: (303) 665-8000

    Fax: (303) 673-9900



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