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Inscriber CG Capabilities Integrated in Quantel’s generationQ Version 2

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  • April 12, 2024

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    New Version Features Sophisticated Text Creation, Editing Tools

    Las Vegas, NV - April 19, 2024 - Inscriber, a leading provider of broadcast solutions, is pleased to announce that its character generator capabilities are being used to provide the graphics engine in Quantel’s generationQ, version2.

    Inscriber provides broadcasters with some of the most advanced CG capabilities available in the market. With the new capabilities Inscriber has developed for generationQ version2, broadcasters can manipulate and align graphics and text to create unique styles and effects, such as text on a curve and fine-tuned color modifications. True Type font support also allows for further control over the transparency, grading and angle of text. The responsiveness of the text tools has also been boosted allowing even faster creation and editing of text.

    Inscriber also contributed the engine for a key new feature in Version2’s new Multiview compositor. The new layer-integrated vector based text can be keyframed to include kerning, drop shadow and surround effects and greatly simplifies the creation of complex graphic animations.

    The combination of the new capabilities provided by Inscriber and Quantel provide broadcasters and post-production experts with unlimited creative benefits, and the ability to create a customized production look and feel.

    “We are proud that our more unique and sophisticated text creation and editing tools enhance what is already an impressive feature set for generationQ, version2,” says Dan Mance, President of Inscriber. “This product is another testament to the strong working relationship between Inscriber and Quantel, which allows both our companies to collaborate in developing industry-advancing solutions.”

    “Quantel and Inscriber have both recently made incredible advancements in broadcast technologies,” says Steve Owen, Business Manager, Post Production at Quantel. “Inscriber’s newest CG capabilities are unlike any available in the market, so it was an obvious choice to incorporate those advancements into generationQ, version2.”

    generationQ, version2 is available for Quantel’s iQ, eQ, gQ, QEdit Pro, QPaintbox Pro, QEffects and QPaintbox products.

    Inscriber is a leading provider of broadcast, post-production and digital signage solutions. With a customer base of 100,000 installations in more than 110 countries, Inscriber’s character generators (Inca Studio), broadcast development (Inca RTX), newsroom automation (Inca AutoCG) and digital signage solutions (InfoCaster) are the products of choice among communication experts worldwide. Inscriber solutions are also integrated in products from Quantel, Canopus, Adobe and Incite. Inscriber’s extensive customer list includes ABC, NBC, CNN, BBC and Rogers Sportsnet among others. For more information, please visit

    Quantel is dedicated to creating new tools for the new digital age, covering everything from terrestrial and satellite television to broadband internet, DVD and d-cinema. Quantel’s generationQ is a radical, all-encompassing, new concept that offers total scalability in both hardware and software across post production, graphics and broadcast for multiple resolution, team-working production environments.

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