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Inscriber’s Inca Studio, Inca AutoCG Now MOS Certified For ENPS, iNews

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  • April 12, 2024

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    Broadcasters Benefit From Streamlined Workflow

    Las Vegas, NV – April 19, 2024 – Inscriber, a leading provider of broadcast solutions, announced today that Inscriber’s Inca Studio and Inca AutoCG are now certified for MOS integration with AP ENPS and Avid iNews newsroom control systems.

    Inca Studio is Inscriber’s professional broadcast graphics solution. Utilizing Inscriber’s innovative Inca architecture, Inca Studio provides multiple layers of independently controlled graphics, clocks, logos, real-time element transitions and real-time organic dissolves. Inca AutoCG, Inscriber’s new network graphics solution, shares the same multi-layer graphics and real-time effects, with the added benefit of remote connectivity over a TCP-IP network.

    By interfacing Inca graphics solutions with MOS enabled newsroom systems, broadcasters can seamlessly exchange information between production systems. Broadcasters can browse stories within ENPS or iNews, then create or select the corresponding Inca-based multi-layer graphics and real-time effects, all from one workstation. The result is a streamlined workflow that enables broadcasters to produce superior news content with maximum speed and flexibility.

    In the case of Inca AutoCG, that content can be automatically generated. As new stories develop within ENPS or iNews, tagged layouts are automatically filled with the corresponding graphics and text. That content can be stored into play lists for future playout, or driven to air automatically, allowing time-pressed operators to work on other tasks. If necessary, operators can manually interrupt the automation process, and correct or edit graphics and text.

    When the advanced functionalities of Inca Studio and Inca AutoCG are interfaced with MOS enabled newsroom systems, news broadcasters are provided with two key advantages, more time and flexibility.

    “In the quick paced news environment, it’s seconds, not minutes that separate the industry leader from the competition”, says Alex Wackley, Senior Product Manager at Inscriber. “By interfacing Inca Studio or Inca AutoCG with MOS enabled systems, broadcasters can quickly and easily access news stories, graphics, text and automation capabilities from a single workstation, and can literally drive a breaking story to air within seconds.”

    Inscriber is a leading provider of broadcast, post-production and digital signage solutions. With a customer base of 100,000 installations in more than 110 countries, Inscriber’s character generators (Inca Studio), broadcast development (Inca RTX), newsroom automation (AutoCG) and digital signage solutions (InfoCaster) are the products of choice among communication experts worldwide. Inscriber solutions are also integrated in products from Quantel, Canopus, Adobe and Incite. Inscriber’s extensive customer list includes ABC, NBC, CNN, BBC and Rogers Sportsnet among others. For more information, please visit

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