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Inscriber Releases New Version of InfoCaster

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  • March 29, 2024

    by -- Inscriber Technologies

    New Version Offers Enhanced Creative, Content Management Features

    Waterloo, ON – March 29, 2024 – InscriberÒ, a leading provider of broadcast and digital signage solutions, announced today the release of InfoCaster and InfoCaster Network Manager version 1.2, Inscriber’s solution for digital signage creation and display.

    InfoCaster is a powerful solution for creating and delivering digital signage displays, cable television broadcasts and information channels. InfoCaster is easy to use, and integrates crawls, rolls, animations, clocks, video, graphics and text in professional, multi-zone presentations. InfoCaster comes equipped with a page layout tool and multi-zone scheduler for easy page design and maintenance.

    The new release of InfoCaster includes both enhancements and new features aimed at providing additional creative options and superior content management.

    For enhanced content management, InfoCaster version 1.2 includes InfoCasts, projects that contain pages of content and scheduling data. A weekly scheduler has also been added, allowing complete projects or individual items to be set to playout on specific days. Both InfoCasts and the weekly scheduler are designed to make the management, playout and logging of multiple complex projects or individual items a more straightforward and efficient process.

    Communication experts can also take advantage of new creative input and output features. Multiple layers of graphics, video, animations, rolls, crawls, and clocks can now be displayed in limitless overlapping zones, providing maximum creativity and flexibility over screen display. Content can be output in portrait or landscape progressive VGA resolutions up to 1280 x 768. These higher resolutions provide sharper, more detailed images and superior quality output.

    New enhancements have also been made to InfoCaster Network Manager, a complementary networking solution for remotely managing multiple widespread InfoCaster systems. Network operators can now remotely update every InfoCaster system in the network with new software releases, start/stop specific InfoCaster systems and clear all pending commands to a specific system. These enhancements provide network operators with maximum control and flexibility over every InfoCaster system in their LAN, FTP or TCP/IP network.

    “This version of InfoCaster includes sophisticated functionality that will allow communication experts to meet the evolving technologies and standards of the digital signage industry”, says Joel St. Denis, Product Manager at Inscriber.

    About Inscriber
    Inscriber is a leading provider of broadcast, post-production and digital signage solutions. With a customer base of 100,000 installations in more than 110 countries, Inscriber’s character generators (Inca Studio), broadcast development (Inca RTX), newsroom automation (AutoCG) and digital signage solutions (InfoCaster) are the products of choice among communication experts worldwide. Inscriber solutions are also integrated in products from Quantel, Canopus, Adobe and Incite. Inscriber’s extensive customer list includes ABC, NBC, CNN, BBC and Rogers Sportsnet among others. For more information, please visit

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