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Broadcaster Magazine - January 2021


Industry News

AOL Time Warner pledges to "revolutionize" media FCC places strict limits on $111 billion merger

Interactive TV

Wink heads north
Interactive TV company seeks Rogers help to spread its technology

Michael McEwen new NABA secretary-general

CWC: 1991 to 2021 -- a CWC odyssey (The first 10 years)

Focus on DTV: FCC struggles with DTV rules

Focus on DVT: Digital on the go a must for broadcasters

100 Years of Radio: Celebrating 100 years of radio broadcasting
From Marconi to the Web, radio continues to endure and entertain

Focus on DTV: 8-VSB receivers still not ready for prime time
Studies reveal high DTV reception failures

A/V Delay Solutions: Audio to video delay solutions within the broadcast system

Focus on DTV: Zenith Launches HDTV set-top box


AES Update

Keeping things in sync with TiMAX

Industry News

AOL Time Warner pledges to "revolutionize" media FCC places strict limits on $111 billion merger

The conditions

Merger mania

Personal attacks by CJMF-FM host breach code, says CBSC

FCC chairman Kennard resigns

New Products

Avid ships updates for broadcast news products

News on the Net

Cable down, Web up at Rogers Miranda launches new U.S. headquarters

BTV to use artificial intelligence technology

Point of View

No time for honeymoon after AOL/Time Warner marriage

News Briefs

Sale of CanWest station up to trustee Correction

Cogeco cuts 150 jobs

AM740 Prime Time Radio hits the airwaves

"Show me the money" CRTC to broadcasters

Commission approves CanWest purchase of CJNT-TV

Feds approve BCE/CTV deal

CJRT switches format from classical to jazz

Look cuts 300 jobs, restructures

DAB DevelopmentsDAB DevelopmentsDAB DevelopmentsDAB Developments

Ottawa to begin DAB testing


Michael McEwen new NABA secretary-general

The Last Word

CWC -- a success story

Tracking Trends

2021: the Internet -- faster, higher, stronger -- maybe


The route to success