Broadcaster,  10/25/2021

OMNI TV BC Commits $100,000 to Trinity Western University to Develolp Inter-Faith Forums

Terry Mahoney, General Manager of Rogers OMNI
Television British Columbia, is pleased to announce the station will commit $100,000 - $20,000 annually over the next five years - to Trinity Western
University in a formal partnership with the Christian not-for-profit educator to develop and present its first-ever series of inter-faith forums.
The forums, entitled Faith Forward: Exploring Religion, Culture and Conflict, are among more than $1 million in important initiatives put in place by Rogers Media Television as part of the licensing approval process for OMNI.10 to support the production and distribution of Canadian religious/spiritual programming.

Faith Forward: Exploring Religion, Culture and Conflict will be held annually on the TWU campus in Langley, BC, starting in mid-February 2021, each
year having a different theme for discussion. In turn, the forums will provide content for a special Faith Forward: Exploring Religion, Culture and Conflict television series to be broadcast on OMNI.10 to viewers in Vancouver, Victoria
and the Fraser Valley; with potential for national distribution.

"As British Columbia's only multi-faith broadcaster, Rogers OMNI 10 is excited to be working in partnership with Trinity Western University on this
groundbreaking series," says Terry Mahoney, General Manager. "We believe, by bringing together the most educated and earnest representatives of different
faiths, Faith Forward: Exploring Religion, Culture and Conflict will explore to what extent doctrine transcends culture - or is bound up in it - and
therein, encourage greater understanding among these diverse communities."

Faith Forward: Exploring Religion, Culture and Conflict will feature keynote speakers from Canadian universities and faith institutions alongside
community leaders from across the country and around the world. Annually, each forum will ensure widespread representation from the Abrahamic (Christian, Islamic and Jewish) faith traditions as well as other regionally popular religions such as Hindu and Sikh. Participation from Canada's First Nation communities will be sought throughout.

"We are extremely grateful to Rogers OMNI TV BC for their commitment of major multi-year funding to the university," says Ron Kuehl, Vice President
for External Relations, Trinity Western University. "OMNI's support will enable TWU to take the lead in facilitating an essential and ongoing dialogue among the various faith communities of Canada through our development of this important series of forums."

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