The Sponsored Online Supplement is a sponsored editorial feature section on a particular topic that runs on up to 22 business-to-business websites in the Esource Network for three months. Together, the 22 websites attract over 620,000 visitors per month.

The Sponsored Online Supplement consists of six (6) insightful articles on a specific topic or theme chosen by you and our Editor. You have the option to post multiple additional resources, such as whitepapers, case studies, etc.

In addition, an e-mail newsletter, containing article briefs and links to the full articles in the Sponsored Online Supplement, will be delivered to up to 108,000 business professionals who subscribe to our business e-newsletters.


Websites: Sponsored Online Supplement to run on 22 SMB websites for three (3) months, reaching over 600,000 visitors monthly.

Email: Email containing the Online Supplement (i.e. article headlines and links to the full articles) is delivered to 108,000 email subscribers.


Online Feature Supplement:

  • Main Page: Includes a 728x90 leader board ad plus a 300x600 ad, and 6 additional resource links.
  • Article Pages: Includes 728x90 leader board ad, plus a 300x300 ad, and six (6) additional resource links.

Run-of-Site Banners: Up to 1.5 million impressions of house ads (leader board, big box, skyscraper), which include the Sponsor's logo. [Link to Online Supplement and the Sponsor's logo will be added to left navigation bar of each website.]

Banners in Email Newsletters: Promote in up to 22 industry email newsletters that are emailed weekly to over 156,000 subscribers.

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