Research Services

research services Business Information Group offers fee-based reports and custom research services to our advertisers and other organizations. Well-executed research can pinpoint new product development opportunities, guide marketing strategy and flag potential problems before they arise. 

Our experienced research staff will work to get the 
answers you need.

Industry-Specific Research

Research Available on Over 30 Markets

Ask your sales representative about market information available in your industry. 
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Type of Studies

New Product Development
This study identifies customers’ unfulfilled needs and aids in the development and introduction of your new product to market. 

Customer Satisfaction
What do your customers think of you on the key dimensions that really count? We’ll contact them and ask about the importance of various factors in the buying decision and perceptions of your products and services based on those factors. 

Advertising Effectiveness / Advertising Concept Development 
This study measures potential customers’ perceptions and opinions of your current ad campaign and test new advertising concepts. 

Custom Research 
We offer a broad range of custom reports, services and research. Our experienced research team will work with you to design and execute a customized research project to meet your objectives. We’ll manage the entire project from inception through report completion.