Broadcaster's national circulation is to every Canadian radio and television station, specialty channels, networks and corporate head offices, audio & video production and post production facilities, industrial/corporate audio and video users, advertising agencies, wireless, telephone and cable companies and is divided between technical/operations and management personnel. Issues of Broadcaster are distributed to every vice-president/director of engineering/vice president operations as well as technical/operations personnel within the engineering departments of every Canadian radio and television station, specialty channels, networks, audio and video production facilities, industrial/corporate audio/video users, advertising agencies, wireless operators, telephone companies, cable companies etc. This circulation ensures the people making equipment recommendations and the people using the equipment have exposure to your advertisements - issue after issue.

In addition, copies of Broadcaster are distributed to Senior Management (Presidents, Vice Presidents CEO's, CFO's, COO’s, general managers, mangers, etc.) of each of the above mentioned categories - the people approving and paying for equipment capital expenditures and technical purchase recommendations. In today's marketplace, management personnel are involved in approving capital expenditures as well as becoming involved in routine, daily purchasing decisions. Exposure to your advertisements, by this group, will ensure their familiarity with your company, product lines and services.

Broadcaster's circulation is audited by ABC/Audit Bureau of Circulations. ABC provides a reliable, unbiased source of media data prepared by an independent body whose sole mandate is the auditing of publication's circulation lists. This verification of total circulation figures includes name, title, industry, occupation, geography and renewal or qualification.